MST9801 – Our New Welding Helmet Sparks Safety & Excitement

Monster MST9801 Welding Helmet

We are equipping you with the perfect auto darkening welding helmet with fully adjustable settings, shade 5-9 for grinding and 9-13 for welding applications (part no. MST9801). This nylon helmet only weights 1.09 lbs. causing less neck strain, less muscle fatigue and can be worn for hours at a time. With a quick light to dark transitioning time of 1/10,000 seconds, and an optical rating of 1/1/1/2, Monster wants to make it clear that this helmet is setting the bar in terms of automotive safety gear. Its top quality is easy to see with the extra-large viewing area. Repetitive exposure to bright surroundings may cause retinal burning, Monster is providing protection perfect for eyes, and skin. Protection from the intense glare of a welding arc, sparks, hot flying particles, and other hazardous materials with its solar-powered features 4 sensors and easy to reach sensitivity and delay knobs. Quickly and easily adjust shading levels from 5-9 grinding and 9-13 for welding operations. Not only is it comfortable, but also well ventilated to reduce fogging. Monster’s screaming skull auto darkening welding helmet is the newest addition to scary good safety.



Features & Benefits:

• Nylon welding helmet
• Monster graphic on blue metallic
• Extra-large viewing area: 3.94” x 3.66” (100 x 93mm)
• Welding 9-13 adjustment
• Shade control: DIN 4 / 5-9 / 9-13
• Optical rating: 1/1/1/2
• Sensitivity and delay control
• 1/10,000 seconds from clear to dark state
• TIG > 2A
• Solar powered
• Four sensors
• Weight: 1.09 lbs.
• Covered by a 2-year warranty

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