About Us

What We Do

We innovate products in areas that matter a lot to the technician. We try not to build out entire categories because then we’d have to charge more. Instead, we go after the products that really matter and get used all of the time. We simply take high usage products, get technician feedback, and convert. That’s what we do.

Who We Are

We’re different. We create smart products for smart technicians. We take everyday tools and make them smarter, better, more rugged, tougher, and yes, we infuse our edgy attitude into every damn tool we make. If it doesn’t have a little (or a lot) of attitude, it can’t be us. Some say our products should cost more. We don’t think you have to overpay for better tools. And, frankly, we’re not worried about what other people say. We’re just worried about what technicians need.

Why We Do It

We do it for one reason. Our DNA, our literal existence, was created
to WOW our customers. We exist solely to help them live better by
getting their work done more efficiently, with more energy, and with tools that are extremely dependable and don’t break the bank.

“Brand names are important. Not only to me, but all these guys. Of course the brand has to live up to what they say. I see more and more of their tools in the garage – and read and hear about them all the time. They’re everywhere – definitely making a name for themselves”

“Monster Mobile Tools are everything I thought they would be. Damn good. But here’s what I love about them. When I approached our tool truck guy about a performance issue with a tool, Monster Mobile made it right, right then. They really stand behind our tool guy, and that matters. After all, we’re family out here.”

“I tried them because they looked like they could take a beating and they were affordable. But, the biggest thing was they were the ones my tool guy, the one that comes by the garage every week, kept talking about. When I asked, “what’s new,” he started talking about MONSTER MOBILE, and hasn’t stopped since. Everybody in the shop is buying Monster Mobile Tools .”